Delicious Semi-Dried Varieties of Piarom

October 13, 2021 , Piarom Dates

The Piarom dates are a heavy, flat, slightly crumbly, dry skin, black brownish juicy date which is considered to be the best of all dry, semi-precious date varieties. These dates, as compared to other traditional Iranian dates such as the Bakery date, do not have the typical sweet, thick flavor of the Bakery date. These are very sweet and have a rich taste. Piarom dates, when stored in the dark for some months and then consumed, are said to taste like a mixture of honey, chocolate and almonds. Many Piarom dates made from different varieties are used in Piarom Dish, the famous Iranian dumpling.

The best quality Piarom dates produced in Iran are those gathered in the region of Hormozgan province. The region is renowned for its fertile land and for the production of high quality Piarom dates. In fact, the region is referred to as the Piedra-Khrush. The best quality Piarom dates are not easy to find in Iran. The best quality Piarom dates obtained in Iran are those gathered in the region of Hormozgan.

The Hormozgan Province produces the best quality Piarom dates. It is an excellent location for Piarom Dessert because it has a warm climate and ample lands. The soils of the province are rich and are quite acidic; however, they offer the perfect conditions for the growth of Piarona rubefolia. This is the main species used to produce Piarom dates, which are then exported to international markets. Iranian businessmen who want to have a long shelf life for their Piarom dates make sure that they buy these from the Hormozgan Province.

Iranian retailers buy Piarom dates from Hormozgan because this region offers good soil for making a variety of grains, such as barley, flax, wheat, polenta, etc. These grains are used by the ordinary Iranian people as flour, cakes, breads, cookies and snacks. In addition, the high quality of Piarom dates available in Hormozgan makes it an excellent place to buy Middle Eastern sweets and snack foods. There is no doubt that Iranian merchants have mastered the technique of earning high profits from selling Middle Eastern sweets through Piarom dates.

The texture of Piarom dates sold in Iran is quite soft and there is no fear of the Piarom flavors going sour quickly. There is a certain amount of moisture level in the Piarom dates. When the moisture level goes down, the taste of the Piarom dates starts to get ruined. Therefore, Iranian sellers advise their customers to add some water or milk into the Piarom dates when buying them.

In order to retain the sweetness of the Piarom, it should be kept in a cool dark place, away from direct exposure to the sun. Although the taste of Piarom improves with some additions of sugar, keeping them totally sugar free is better. Sugar makes the Piarom lose its freshness. Piarom should be stored in an air-tight container, like T-shirt, cotton fabric or silk. One must also keep in mind that fully-clinged Piaroms lose their taste very quickly.

Iranian dealers also sale delicious semi-dried varieties of Piarom dates like manganese, carob, pistachio and macadamia nuts. They also offer dried red snakeroot, arabica nut, kamut, pistachio, sugil, kheer and shiham flavored Piarom dates. Some of these flavors are popular in Middle Eastern cuisine.

Iranian wholesale buyers offer customers a large variety of Piarom dates and Piarom nuts. Customers can choose from dates and nuts in traditional packaging like bags, jars, boxes and jars with white colored wax paper. Some of these packaging come with open-faced, ribbed, square, rectangular or round top wrappers. There are also packages with a long and short stem of flowers and leaves, which makes them look more appealing. The retail merchants also offer Piarom nut packaging in a variety of attractive colors.