How to Buy Piarom Dates Wholesale

November 21, 2021 , Piarom Dates

The remarkable similarities of Piarom cherries to Medjool cherries has led to it gaining many loyal fans in international export markets. These cherries have become one of the best selling varieties of Medjool date in India. The striking features of Piarom cherries, apart from their rich taste, wide size and sweetness, has lent it a distinct advantage over other Medjool date varieties in export markets. Many renowned Piarom retailers in India sell Piarom cherries in bulk quantities. It is often sold at cheaper prices than other Medjool date varieties. This has further led to its popularity increasing rapidly in the export market.

The origin of these cherries has been traced back in the North Indian mountains. Considered as the most desired and sought after fruit in the dessert world, Piarom Cherries are grown in thick forests on the slopes of the Himalayas in India. These cherries are considered as one of the aphrodisiacs in the world markets and are extensively exported to Asian countries like China, Japan, Korea and others. With increased demand for Piarom cherries, the demand for Piarom pears has also increased in the international market.

Nowadays, there are many Piarom suppliers in the world markets who are engaged in importation and export of Piarom cherries. In earlier days, Piarom was cultivated only on islands in the Indian Ocean where the climatic conditions were suitable for its growth. However, the superior quality and good freshness was found only on the islands. Therefore, it is only natural that various international Piarom date suppliers are based in different parts of the world. In fact, some of them are even based in New Zealand.

Most of the Piarom suppliers are based in Asia and most of them are known to export their products from India. In fact, some of them have their branches even in the western part of Asia. Some of the Piarom suppliers have exclusive tie-ups with some of the manufacturers of the internationally popular Piarom cherries. So, you can buy Piarom cherries from such manufacturers. One of the largest Piarom suppliers in the world is the Kimia Gold Company which exports Piarom cherries from India and Chile.

The main reason behind exporting Piarom Cherries from India is that the climatic conditions in India are suitable for its cultivation. Besides, other factors like local production capability and cost effectiveness contribute also. However, the primary reason behind Piarom being exported from India is that the local market is flooded with Piarom trees that are quite resistant to various pests and insects. So, it is easy to sell the Piarom in the foreign markets because the local people are well aware of the health benefits of Piarom. Even though Piarom is a dark fruit, its natural color does not fade away as much as the red and black berries fade away with time. So, it remains bright and strong even after several years of exporting it from India.

Piarom can be used in a variety of foods including dessert, juices, desserts, coffee, tea and oatmeal among many others. Its delicate flavor makes it a perfect sweet food or drink. Piarom can be kept as a spice in juices, cakes, cookies, pastries and even in jams. You can also get Piarom dates wholesale in the international world markets. So, there is no need of worrying about finding good quality Piarom dry dates for your use.