Iranian Industries Gain From Exporting Piarom Dates To The Middle East

October 13, 2021 , Piarom Dates

Piarom dates or Maryami is one of the best and luxury Iranian dates. Maryami is a traditional, long-lasting date that is widely popular all over the globe. Piarom dates as the name suggests are hand-picked from the fruit of the Piarom palm which is found only on the Piarom River in Iran. Since these dates are completely attached to the fleshy surface of the fruit, it naturally has an attractive and desired look and, hence, known as the queen of Iranian and international dates. To make them, the fruits are shelled and then washed, dried and then sent to the dealers who sell them in various parts of the world.

These dates ripen in the shade from the sun and are rich in taste with a slight bitter taste. When shelled they give out a delicate sweetness and when washed they become softer and smoother. Due to their demand and popularity, the Iranian government Export makes huge profits by selling them in the world markets. In fact, Piarom dates suppliers are doing very well in Iran because Iran is now becoming a major world exporter of oil and Iran’s consumers prefer to buy Iranian Piarom dates rather than other local dates available in the world markets. There are also Piarom suppliers in Egypt, Syria and other Arab countries.

The quality of Iranian Piarom dates is good and they are more expensive because of their great quality and rich taste. There are several suppliers located in different parts of Iran but the two most famous Piarom date suppliers located in Shiraz and Hormozgan province. These suppliers are both quite well established in their respective regions and have been selling these dates to customers for decades.

The two suppliers are both legitimate and reliable. One of the famous Piarom date suppliers is Kimia Gold Company which is located in Zolfaghoush, Iran. Kimia Gold Company has been in this business for many years and it was during that time that they started using silver as the main material for making Piarom dates. Today, their main business focus is on silver jewelry. They also make Piarom as part of their portfolio of precious metals. Kimia Gold Company was established in 1977 and is one of the oldest Piarom dates suppliers in Iran.

The second supplier is another Iranian company called Ashtorebiz. Ashtorebiz was established in 1979 and was based in Iran’s northeast. Since then, the company has grown tremendously and today they have branches in most of Iran’s major cities. Their main source of production of Piarom dates is a mine in the foothills of Aralieh, north of Ardebil, which is located in Iran’s northwest. This mine is said to be the oldest mine in Iran, and according to the locals, the dates produced from this mine are far superior to any other Piarom dates available in the market.

Iran is a great place to do business; the people are very friendly and do not hesitate to help foreign entrepreneurs when they need it. The recent lifting of the economic isolation clause from the United States will probably open up more opportunities for Piarom dates exports to go to foreign markets. Iran is also a member of the Arab league, and it should be no surprise if the export of Piarom dates to the Middle East increases significantly in the coming years. Whether or not the lifting of the economic sanctions will cause the price of Piarom dates to go up in the foreign markets, or whether Iran will gain more popularity due to the lifting of the isolation clause, the fact remains that there is an immense potential for Piarom dates export to boost the economy of Iran significantly.