Juice For Fasting – Best Foods To Eat Following A Juice Fast

November 9, 2022 , date palms, Dates, Dried Fruits, Healthy Foods

The relationship between food and health is not a new topic. The human need for food is one of the essential needs that is considered the most important factor for survival and longevity, and its importance in health, body and mind is not hidden from anyone, but unfortunately, most people do not have proper and sufficient knowledge about proper nutrition and the value of food. And they care more about the appearance of the food.


The way we live and the food we eat determine our health. Some people have chosen an unhealthy lifestyle and diet in which there is no balance in food consumption, there is no mention of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol and drug use are very common. Without adequate food and proper nutrition, there is no possibility of any acceptable social and economic development, and wrong nutrition and improper food are known to be the main cause of chronic diseases.


Bad eating habits have been rooted over the years, however, with perseverance, it is possible to replace them with a better and healthier habit, which will result in a healthy and balanced body, so hopefully one day when everyone’s level of awareness will be The limit is raised to find the close connection between food, environment and health well.


The effect of healthy eating on body health

The effect of healthy eating on body health


Good nutrition

The chemical composition of human food should include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. The model of a good and appropriate nutrition in developing countries is to consume more vegetables and fruits. A body that is nourished by healing fruits and vegetables will never get sick because pure and refined blood will never bring disease, all physical pains and mental discomforts of man are caused by not obeying the law of nature.


Cooked foods make the body’s metabolism out of order, a lot of food is stored in the form of fat and toxins in tissues and organs, and it leads to weight gain, which affects the spine, heart, soles of the feet, and various organs of the body. They are subjected to excessive pressure and go out of their normal state. The method of feeding with natural raw materials, in addition to curing many diseases, creates a strong foundation and high tolerance of human beings, maintains strength and health, increases youth and longevity, and at the same time improves the general condition of the body. makes it better and prevents excessive obesity. Natural and light foods are easy to digest and are more compatible with the body with the balance that exists in them. As a result, by consuming them, the body’s vital functions are performed better and with more complete savings.


Eat wisely to live longer

All types of sprouts are rich in albumin, fats, vitamins and minerals, which are useful for impotence and infertility, premature aging and strengthening the nervous system. With the sprouting of legumes and grains, all their forces are mobilized and enzymes are created in it, which causes the digestion of food. The compatibility and incompatibility of foods is also a very important point, inappropriate mixing of foods with each other and failure to observe their correct combination in the food method causes discomfort and complications in the digestive system and disorders in the nervous system. So eat wisely to live longer, keeping a balance between the foods you eat and the physical activities you do daily will help you maintain a healthy weight for your body.


Life-giving foods are foods that have fewer calories and have more properties in terms of nutritional quality, so eat healthy food and avoid eating foods that are high in fat, sodium, and cholesterol because you will face the risks of heart disease.