Juice For Fasting – Best Foods To Eat Following A Juice Fast

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The effect of nutrition on body health

With their daily busyness, other people have forgotten their healthy diet and therefore eat foods that threaten their health.



Saturated and trans fats are very harmful to the heart and increase the risk of heart diseases.

Having a healthy food plan in our daily diet is very necessary and necessary to always ensure the health of our body. The benefits of healthy foods are many, but many people are unaware of these benefits. In order for you to be more familiar with these advantages, we will provide further explanations.


Benefits of healthy eating

As we have mentioned, the impact of nutrition on the health of the body is very high, and if you have more information about these advantages, you will undoubtedly do your diet correctly. Among the most important and main benefits that healthy food has and provides health to the body are:


Weight control

One of the most important issues that many people look for and care about is fitness and weight control. When you have a healthy diet, without a doubt, if you are overweight, you will reduce it, and if you are fit, that weight will be controlled forever.


In fact, we all know very well that being overweight has many harms and dangers to the body, that with the right diet, you can reduce your excess weight and get fit.


Be careful that there are all foods in your diet and only the foods that have many harms and threaten the health of the body should be removed. Some of the foods you eat on a daily basis should be of the right size and quality.



The foods we eat daily are burned or converted into fats and energy in the body. For this reason, you should be careful in your nutrition to eat healthy and useful foods and avoid eating foods that have a lot of fat.


When your diet is healthy and perfect, you will not have blood fat and all the fluctuations in your body will be well controlled.


Delaying the effects of aging

Undoubtedly, we will all grow old one day when we will no longer be able to do many of our daily tasks. But you should be careful that if your nutrition is appropriate and you follow all the principles and rules of proper diet in this food plan, your aging and the consequences of aging will be delayed.


One of the most important signs of aging is wrinkles on the face. If you see these wrinkles, you will realize that you are getting older. If you include vegetables and fruits in your diet, your face will have less wrinkles and your skin will be very moist and soft.


Never forget to eat fish to stay younger, because the fatty acids in fish play a very important role in skin rejuvenation.


long life

All humans want to live a long life and benefit from a healthy body along with this long life. Accordingly, they should plan their diet and nutrition plan in such a way that they always have a healthy body.


Continuing to review the effect of nutrition on the health of the body, it should be said that eating foods that have a lot of fat and harmful substances makes them age faster and that is why they die earlier than others.


body health

Accordingly, they should plan their diet and nutrition plan in such a way that they always have a healthy body.

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When you eat all the healthy and useful foods, you will have a healthy heart, healthy bones, healthy liver, healthy skin, etc., for this reason, you will undoubtedly live a long life.