Lose Weight And Get A Lean Body One Meal At An Occasion

November 21, 2022 , date palms, Dates, Dried Fruits, Healthy Foods

Tips for having a healthy diet:

The main thing to have a healthy diet plan is to calculate the calories consumed in the first step. For this, you can use calorie counter programs at first.

To get this, you must have a correct knowledge of your metabolic state.

Note that if you consume more food and drink than your body needs, the excess energy will be stored as extra fat in your body.

Also, you should consider a wide range of nutrients and foods to have a good meal plan.

In scientific articles related to nutrition, it is recommended that the amount of calories consumed in men is on average 2,500 calories and in women around 2,000 calories.

Adjust your meals to high-fiber, starchy carbohydrates. Starchy carbohydrates should make up more than a third of the food you eat and should be included in your diet. They include potatoes, bread, rice, pasta and cereals.

Eat a variety of grains and vegetables with higher fiber, such as whole-wheat pasta, brown rice, or skinned potatoes. They contain more fiber than white or refined starchy carbohydrates and can keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Try to have at least one starchy meal with each main meal. Some people think that eating starchy foods will make them fat, but carbohydrates are necessary for the body.

Be careful of the fats that you add while cooking or consuming these types of foods, because this will increase the calories and make you fat. For example, fried potatoes, butter on bread and creamy sauces on pasta cause weight gain, and consuming too much of them puts your health at risk.

Fruits and vegetables are the main pillars of a basic and healthy diet

It is recommended to eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables every day. They can be fresh, frozen, canned, dried or fresh.

It is not difficult to eat 5 units of fruits and vegetables in daily meals.

If you want to consume fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, each serving should be calculated around 80 grams, and if you want to avoid using dried fruits and vegetables in your diet plan, consume around 30 grams per serving.

If you want to consume fruit juice or vegetable juice, you can have one glass (about 150 ml) in your daily meal.

Drink as a unit, but we recommend to consume low-calorie fruits and vegetables such as celery, carrots, etc., and due to the high sugar content of the juice, it is not recommended to drink more than one glass because it increases the calories consumed and leads to weight gain, and also causes damage and the enamel of your teeth will decay.

Do not use artificial juices in your diet.