Spring Above! Give Your Kitchen And Your Diet A Remodeling!

November 11, 2022 , date palms, Dates, Dried Fruits, Healthy Foods

Acne treatment with fruits

Do not forget to eat fruits in your diet, eating grapes, peaches and apricots is very useful. Use fresh vegetables and fruits more often. Drink 8-10 liters of water a day, because it has a great effect on the freshness and freshness of the skin, regulates the actions of the body organs and balances the secretion of fat. Review your food plan and create more restrictions in terms of consuming fat and fried foods. The snacks you use should be more types of grains, not fatty and fried items such as chips and puffs, etc., if you use animal protein, use low-fat types such as white meat, chicken (local chicken), turkey and fish. .


Instead of consuming a lot of animal protein, it is better to use vegetable proteins such as beans, mushrooms, soybeans and bread. Use less chocolate and cream desserts, cookies and cream cakes, ice cream and chocolate. A balanced diet does not mean not to eat too many foods, but it means to eat healthy and appropriate food. A colorful and hearty salad is better than a fried sausage. A baked potato is better than a dish of fried potatoes.


Man should enjoy eating food. We can change our eating habits, we can exchange the pleasure of eating sauces and pickles with the good taste of salads and fresh fruits. This is very necessary for people prone to acne. If these people can implement correct eating habits in life, they can eat and enjoy all kinds of food and be healthy. Correcting bad eating habits and skin protection care together can reduce the incidence of acne and improve it.