The effect of nuts and dried fruits on the human brain

November 1, 2022 , Healthy Foods


According to the brain test that was conducted on the children who consumed nuts including pistachios, peanuts and cashews, the results indicated that pistachios and peanuts have an effect on the gamma and delta waves of the brain, respectively.

Properties of dried fruit for the human brain

One of the best ingredients that prevent Alzheimer’s disease is raisins. If you use 25 currants daily, minerals will be better absorbed and memory will be strengthened. Kurma Malaysia is another worthwhile option to enhance your brain activities.

Studies have shown that if consumed regularly, nuts improve brain frequencies and help learning and understanding.


Almonds and hazelnuts

Almonds and hazelnuts are a source of vitamin E, which makes the human mind less prone to problems and does not reduce mental capacity. Elderly people who take these substances can regain some of their mental abilities. So it is better to use these ingredients in your diet. Remember that a quarter cup of almonds or hazelnuts is enough to provide half of your daily needs.


Walnut, as its shape shows, is the most useful nut for the human brain. Walnuts contain large amounts of omega-3, which protects the brain and improves its function and prevents its decline. It should be noted that the rate of increase in blood pressure against stress in people who consume walnuts is very low. All brains contain beneficial antioxidants, among which walnuts have the highest amount.



Pistachios have a high effect on brain gamma waves. If you eat pistachios, you have greatly helped to improve your brain function, learning and understanding.



Peanut produces the highest delta response. Delta wave has a great effect on the body’s immune system and the healing of natural wounds.