The effect of nuts and dried fruits on weight loss

November 1, 2022 , Dried Fruits, fat-burning foods


Nuts and dried fruits make you feel fuller. Nuts are small but occupy a large volume of the stomach. These nuts reduce appetite and are one of the best fat-burning foods. Raw nuts provide your daily energy needs. Please note that salted nuts are not considered as foods that burn fat in the arms, abdomen and sides. Salted nuts raise blood pressure and are not useful for weight loss. Nuts are a healthy snack that promotes weight loss. Green Diamond provides you with quality food items.



It is a rich source of protein. Its consumption reduces fat around the abdomen. Buying tree almonds is done to treat people’s obesity. And research shows that daily consumption of tree almonds and including them in the diet, even if you don’t exercise, causes weight loss, and it is one of the foods that burn belly fat.



These nuts have a lot of magnesium, which is necessary to increase the body’s metabolism. By buying cashews, because of its natural fat, reduce bad blood cholesterol. These nuts are considered to be blood fat-burning foods.


These delicious nuts are high in unsaturated fat. Walnut prevents the deposition of fat in the veins and this property also prevents blood clotting. Buying raw walnuts is done to reduce cholesterol and fatty tissues.


peanut butter

This food has many useful fats. If it is prepared in a natural and organic way and sugar, harmful additives and preservatives are not used for its preparation, it will cause slimming and weight loss. Eating a small amount of peanut butter makes you feel full and keeps your energy for a long time. You can easily prepare peanut butter at home and use its properties to burn fat.



Nuts reduce bad blood cholesterol and are used for fat burning. Eating a handful of nuts daily will make you full and reduce your appetite. Also, using peanut butter is useful for weight loss.