The Popular Dates Varieties You Should Know

October 13, 2021 , Piarom Dates

Medjool dates are a very popular date variety for a number of reasons. Firstly, they taste great and the texture of the dates, even without a pebble, is still edible. Secondly, there are so many different varieties of Medjool dates available, that it is possible to have a completely different taste to every single day of the year. This is because some varieties will taste better when they are in season and some varieties taste better when they are not in season.

The flavor of Medjool dates can be enhanced by adding some spices to it. These dates are so popular because their flavor goes well with almost every type of spice. For example, the texture can be enhanced by adding some garlic or some cumin seeds to the date. If you do not like the flavor of garlic, then you could try some ginger or cloves. In fact, if you add any of these spices to your date, then it will really taste unique.

One of the best texture for dates is the one that is made from Safaf al-Rabah, which is made by fermenting the husks and turning them into liquid. When this liquid is cooled, it develops a deep, sweet taste that is very popular for its unique taste. There are versions that taste just like sugar, but the ones that are made with Safaf al-Rabah have a slightly sweeter flavor.

Of course, there are also versions that come from the Middle East that are considered popular throughout the world. One of the most common ones come from Iran, which is commonly known as the “God’s Own Country.” It is a soil rich in minerals and has some of the finest soil in the world. So, it is not surprising that the dates from Iran are popular all over the world, especially in Europe and America. One of the best known varieties is the Iranian Rabbbi, which is harvested from the foothills of the great dessert called the Raba Mountains.

In addition to being a highly popular crop in Iran, another one that is grown extensively is the Basmachi or Azabakh. It is a mountain vegetable that has a very sweet taste and is usually eaten just as it is. The texture is slightly chalky and some people compare its taste to that of black pudding. It is a very hardy variety and is cultivated all over the country. However, it is sold more expensively as compared to the Raba.

One other type of widely grown date is the Piarom. This type of dates is found only in Iran and is harvested from a palm that is almost double the size of a normal palm. Because of its large size, the Piarom date has the highest concentration of minerals of any other type of date. Its texture is like that of the flesh of a pomegranate. Some people call it a “pudding date” because of its resemblance to pudding.

Other types of dates that are used commercially are the Medjool dates and the semolina. The Medjool dates are grown in the semi-arid conditions of the southwestern part of the country. The semolina is harvested from the arid regions of the north and is considered a lower quality than the Piarom. In fact, the two dates have almost come to terms with each other and are used interchangeably in the field.

The best way to understand the taste of a specific kind of date is to eat it. Try different kinds and see which one meets your palate’s expectations. The taste can vary depending on how it has been prepared. A special type of cooking can affect the taste as well. Therefore, if you want to know what you’re eating, try a few different kinds.